Thank You For Amazon

First off I wanted to start off by saying that I love Amazon and how your product and service has chance my life for the better because I had a hard time being in a store and I always felt overload with all the products in my face at once and standing in long lines.

So when Amazon came on board to the world. At first it was new so it was a little challenge but after that it was so easy to find what I need and at no rush or all the products being in my face at once.

Plus not standing in long lines or wasting gas going to stores and back. Also you offer delivery on all products. Then you offer a map that shows how far the driver is from my house. To pay for all my orders by debit or credit card and your customer service has been great to.

These are some of my favorite features and to deliver to my house under two days. This was and still is amazing to this very day. In closing yes I am a Loyal customer for a very long time and will for every be Thank You. 

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